My inspiration is derived from absorbing the elemental effects on the landscape and the terrain itself.
Favourite places include Cornwall, The Lakes and Pembrokeshire, where I walk with my dog, taking in the landscape.
There is always something majestic to be found in the weather and our landscape, whether it be those almost transcendental, ethereal summer days or the wild rugged coastline.
I am captivated by light, cloud formations, and the indefinable core essence of nature that resonates and connects us all to it. I prefer not to depict an actual place, but to work instinctively to capture a mood, the essence.
Most images are made in several layers , using glazes and texture , applying and removing paint. The paintings evolve organically, intuitively, and are an emotional response to the natural world. I use acrylic and oil paint on board, canvas or panel.

After training as a fine art restorer with a small studio in Berkshire post leaving Oxford Brookes, I went on to work with horses in the film industry for many years. I ran my own management company and worked as cabin crew amongst other work incarnations, before returning to painting and my now studio in the Oxfordshire countryside.