My inspiration is derived from absorbing the elemental effects on the landscape, as well as the landscape itself.

Favourite places include Cornwall, The Lakes and Pembrokeshire. I feel that there is always something evocative to be found in the weather and our land, whether it be those almost transcendental summer days, or the fury of a storm over the sea.
I am captivated by light and the indefinable, emotive magnitude of nature that resonates, and connects us all to it.

My paintings tend to form organically, adding and taking away layers as the work evolves. I try to portray an essence, simplified in order to capture a feeling; to evoke an emotional response in the viewer, as oppose to trying to create a literal representation.

Works form in an intuitive way, allowing unplanned and natural paint formations to have their place and leave a message, alongside considered mark making.
I paint using mixed media, mainly oil and acrylic on canvas, panel and board.