Expression through paint has been a lifelong passion.
My inspiration is derived from absorbing the elemental effects on the landscape and the glory of terrain itself.
There is always something majestic to be found in our landscape, whether it be those almost transcendental, ethereal summer days in the country or a wild, blustery and rugged coastline.
Our landscape resonates deep within me - is my solace in times of need, a constant joy in its ever- changing beauty and atmosphere, a place to wander, and always wonder.
I walk with my dog absorbing the light, the tangled breeze that can whip up from nowhere, the scent of ozone in the coastal air, light dancing on the water, sunlight catching on leaves.
It all weaves together, along with the writings of my favourite authors, to inspire a passion and love I try and translate via my work, a core recognition that is both elemental and binding.

I sometimes prefer not to depict an actual place, but to work instinctively to capture a mood, the essence if you will. A visceral translation of all I see and feel.

Most images are made in several layers, using glazes and texture, applying and removing paint. The paintings evolve organically, intuitively, and are an emotional response to the natural world.
I use acrylic and oil paint on board, canvas or panel, sometimes found things work their way in, the odd feather, a handful of sand, marks made by a shell or twig....