My inspiration is derived from the natural world. Its wildness.
For me, there is always something majestic to be found in our landscape, whether it be those almost transcendental, ethereal summer days or a wild, blustery coastline under a bruised sky. This is what I try and capture in my work.
I portray the mood of a place, its essence. This is painted in a non- representational way.
For me, the energy that is born from the sense of a place is what inspires the work. I don’t paint a specific location in a traditional manner, more try and translate the mood, the light; the soul if you will.

Our landscape resonates deep within. I walk with my dog watching the light, embracing the tangled breeze that can whip up from nowhere; the scent of ozone in the coastal air, sunlight dancing on water, driving rain or looming storms. It weaves together to evoke a passion I try and translate via my paintings.

Most images are made in several layers, using glazes and texture, applying and removing paint. I work primarily in acrylic, sometimes oil. The paintings evolve intuitively and are an emotional and visceral response to the natural world.

After studying art at Oxford Brookes, I went to train with an art restoration studio in Berkshire, focusing primarily on the restoration and retouching of oil paintings and old masters. I also trained as a fine art bespoke picture framer.
Life then let me to working with horses in the film industry among other work incarnations.
Subsequently I have undertaken painting courses at The Porthmeor studios in St. Ives, The Newlyn school and The RWA amongst others. I now paint full time in my studio in Oxfordshire.

Currently my work can be purchased through the David Linley Showroom in Belgravia or directly from my studio in Oxfordshire.